FPPG AGM 31 March 2018

Location:             Emmaus House, Berrymead Gardens W3 8AA

Start:     Sat 31/03/2018 12:30                               End:       Sat 31/03/2018 13:30


1. Opposition to CHG plan to demolish 240 family homes.

2. Eviction notices/letters from Umulkayr Qalinle – Shelter wants copies

3. Outstanding repairs. CHG have statutory responsibilities they have been avoiding since 2012

4. Electric/Water/Council tax bills             –           AAAMT


5. Health problems caused by CHG/Morrison trucks – NHS Imperial College/Prof Derek Frost is still wanting to know about continuing probelms

6. Getting use of the Community Centre for residents

7. Off line sign up of residents www.friaryparkpreservationgroup.webs.com

9.  Any other business

Martin Cain                     Friary.Park.chair@gmail.com                       02089932758

2 March 2018


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