About Friary Park Preservation Group

The Friary Park Preservation Group was formed in December 2014 by local residents to oppose the plans of the Catalyst Housing Group to destroy a coherent community, cause serious financial problems for the families on the Friary Park estate and increase demand on health and education services in Acton by increasing the current population on the site from 340  to over 3,000 .

CHG is trying to demolish 240 family homes to build 680 flats for private sale starting at £650,000. This development is at Acton Mainline train station, am Elizabeth Line station near the junction on the A40 known as Gipsy Corner. Families will be made homeless if they refuse replacement houses in Slough where Catalyst Housing has other properties while elderly and disabled residents are being forced to relocate to Middlesex and Essex.

We want a public enquiry into Roderick Nicholas Cahill’s running of Catalyst Housing and his other 20 companies operating in the London Borough of Ealing by the District Auditor, the Department of Work and Pensions and the Homes and Communities Agency.



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