AGM 21 March 2015

Location:             Emmaus House, Berrymead Gardens W3 8AA

Start:     Sat 21/03/2015 12:30                               End:       Sat 21/03/2015 13:30


1. Opposition to CHG plan to demolish 240 family homes and build a 12 story block with 580 flats (according to Mr Freeman of CHG on 28/2/15)

CHG is lodging planning application in May 2015 but are telling residents it is June

2. Eviction notices/letters from Umulkayr Qalinle

Shelter wants copies

3. Outstanding repairs. CHG have statutory responsibilities they have been avoiding since 2012

4. Electric/Water/Council tax bills             –           AAAMT

5. Traffic problems caused by CHG/Morrison vans/cars

LBE/Transport for London/Locality/Planning Aid England

6, Health problems caused by CHG/Morrison vans/cars

NHS Imperial College/Prof Derek Frost

7. Getting use of the Community Centre for residents

St Mary’s College/Prof Joan Will/Citizens UK

8. Off line sign up of residents

9.  Any other business

Martin Cain                                  02089932758