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The Friary Park Preservation Group was formed in December 2014 by local residents to oppose the plan of the Catalyst Housing Group to destroy a coherent community, cause serious financial problems for the families on the Friary Park estate and increase demand on health and education services in Acton by increasing the current population on the site from 340  to over 3,000 .

The Friary Park estate is at the Acton Mainline train station near the Gipsy Corner junction on the A4 .

The plan is funded by the taxpayers as Labour Cllr Yvonne Johnston had the London Borough of Ealing provide £30,000,000 on the promise the developer would build flats private flats for sale to the benefit of Catalyst Housing Group chair Richard Brown

Catalyst Housing Group staff are constantly harassing elderly and disabled people in order to avoid their legal obligation to re-house social housing tenants with short term Assured Tenancies and save having to financially compensate those with Secure Tenancies from the London Borough of Ealing directed by Liam B Hale of Winckworth Sherwood.

Possession cases at Brentford County Court are for amounts less that Catalyst Housing is due in Housing Benefit. Catalyst Housing Group is only represented by their Neighbourhood Mangers like Vanessa Campbell who have no legal training but request £250 for legal expenses for each case.

MC IT Training has been funding FPPG since November 2014


CHG is trying to demolish 240 family homes to build 680 flats for private sale starting at £650,000. This development is at Acton Mainline train station, am Elizabeth Line station near the junction on the A40 known as Gipsy Corner. Families will be made homeless if they refuse replacement houses in Slough where Catalyst Housing has other properties while elderly and disabled residents are being forced to relocate to Middlesex and Essex.